Larry Pino’s Interview on Success Today

Larry Pino began his career as an entrepreneur, did several businesses while in college and eventually pursued a law career.

Larry brands his practice “entrepreneurial law”, blending both business and law as two sides of the same coin to assist his clients in being successful entrepreneurs.

During the first quarter of each year, Larry and his team perform legal audits for the firm’s clients. The audit generates a report that helps clients address issues pertaining to their business.

Crucial exchanges occur before-during-after the audit which assists the firm to:

  • Understand every aspect of the client’s business by gathering financial records and KPI’s for analysis.
  • Understand the objectives of the client.
  • Structure and align the business with the identified set of entrepreneurial objectives.
  • Identify estate planning considerations.
  • Identify if modifications and adaptations are appropriate resulting from circumstances in life.

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