Business &
Investment Law

Representing private businesses – large and small – in commercial transactions, we cover all aspects of business, which only a specialized firm with deep experience in business can provide. We have been involved in representing businesses as lawyers and consultants. In addition, our principals have been actively engaged in incubating and operating over one hundred businesses from start-up through scaled rollouts. We are equally at home as attorneys, principals or business consultants.

Commercial & Business Law

Our firm has massive experience and expertise in all aspects of corporate law.

Clients come to Pino Law seeking legal counsel during all stages of their business endeavors. Expect diligent advice on the structuring of your business, as we will always select a form that facilitates the growth of your organization, product or service.

It is critical for the ongoing success of a business to properly define the parameters of the relationships among stakeholders. To avoid future disputes within your company, we will guide you through due diligence, scenarios, and related matters from the start.

For clients who are looking to expand their business through mergers, joint ventures, and acquisitions, we negotiate transactions as well as prepare documents and financial arrangements. We leave no room for surprises.

If you are seeking guidance on dissolving or liquidating a business structure and assets, Pino Law is a trusted leader in assisting the process. Rest assured that we share a common goal: creating certainty in every stage of your business.

Based on our experience with all sizes of organizations, whether you are a start-up or a national organization, you can find in Pino Law the right partners to help you plan for the expected and unexpected.

Employment Law

We advise and represent employers and employees on related matters of employment relationships under federal and state law.

We have experience in drafting and utilizing independent contractor employment and severance agreements. Due to our commercial expertise, we advise clients and assist with aspects of employment planning, organization and reorganization.

Our practice includes representing clients in wrongful termination claims, human rights complaints, employment standards, mediations, and other employment related matters.

We provide ongoing consulting to comparing on employee workplace matters. Our firm is active and versed in continuing education and legal education so we are always at the top of our game and current with any change in legislation.

Insolvency & Restructuring Law

We are known for negotiating effectively and designing workable situations in a practice area noted for tight deadlines. Our firm is well versed in handling conflicting agendas as well as complex business situations and legal issues, as we have a professional family who works seamlessly to provide fast and accurate advice to our clients.

Clients call upon us for advice on insolvency law and in resolving temporary, periodic or permanent insolvency related issues which arise in corporate, banking, securities, tax, pension, employment, intellectual property, and regulatory matters.

If your business or personal situation is experiencing financial challenges, you can rely on our firm for legal advice on regaining solvency, regardless of whether it is a business or private debt. Our focus is to protect your business from aggressive creditors, while providing counsel on your financial restructuring and reorganization.

Real Estate

Pino Law is a leader in all aspects of real estate transactions, representing buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants, lenders, developers, contractors, land use professionals, and any other parties in all matters of major residential or commercial acquisition and development.

Our firm prides ourselves in our collective expertise in structuring complex transactions and investments elegantly.

Franchise Law

Our firm has over 30 years experience in franchising law and business structuring and has represented successful franchisors, master developers and franchisees.

We have significant expertise in developing franchises and distribution networks for franchisors, drafting, reviewing and negotiating all forms of agreements and federal and state filing documents, preparing Non-Disclosure & Non-Circumvention Agreements, protecting trademarks and other intellectual property, and advising on compliance, enforcement and termination.

We provide counsel to prospective franchises in evaluating franchising opportunities, negotiating key benefits, and analyzing critical legal issues pertaining to the opportunity.

Franchising is complicated and Pino Law’s years of involvement as attorneys and principals, can give any client confidence in the benefit of consulting with a firm competent in the business of franchising and projecting potential success of any franchise.

Intellectual Property Law

Pino Law has personal experience in developing and protecting intellectual property (IP). You are in the best of hands in working with us.

We are experienced in the protection, clearance, transfer, licensing and enforcement of intellectual property rights and in the review, drafting and negotiation of all related agreements for clients across an extremely wide range of industries.

We advise on trade secret, trademark, copyright, confidentiality & privacy rights, technology transfers, domain name disputes, licensing agreements, ownership issues, brand development, chain of title reviews, marketing and distribution, strategic alliances & partnering, cease & desist letters, due diligence in business and commercial transactions, infringement actions, and more.

We also have experience in ligation and resolution of IP disputes, including infringement and breach of contract issues.