About Pino Law

Welcome to the Pino Law Group PLLC, where we pride ourselves on producing Big Law outcomes delivered by a small boutique firm of exceptionally experienced and very seasoned lawyers, investors, business professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Our practice and our clients are nationwide.  Most of our clients tend to fall into general groups:

  • Investors in multiple and varied investment asset classes
  • Syndicators of Reg D, Reg A and 1940 Investment Act Funds
  • Venture Capitalist firms seeking high growth ventures
  • Business owners operating companies with annual sales of between $5 million and $250 million
  • Entrepreneurial Start-Ups with unique products or services seeking accelerated growth strategies
  • Medical Doctors, Dentists and other Health Care Professionals
  • Individuals and Families in need of asset protection, estate planning and tax optimization

For those clients, our firm has developed a reputation for very personalized and timely service and creative solutions spanning the intersection of law, business and investment which only experienced professionals can deliver.

While most of our clients come primarily from personal referrals, take a look at some of the client testimonials on this website.  If what you read is the type of relationship you would like to have with your law firm, we look forward to hearing from you.